Friday, March 4, 2011


I have floaters.

They are pieces, strands, and bits of organic cells and tissue which float around in the vitreous of my eyes. I don't know why they're there, I don't remember when they quite first appeared, but they've formed sometime in my past and is irreversible.

Having floaters is not a vital part of who I am, but nevertheless it is always going to be part of who I am. I cannot, however, let my floaters distract me. They will--but I should never give them too much concentration.

If I distract myself with things that float by in front of me I may lose focus and probably will trip on stairs, drive over someone, run into walls, or walk into street signs; I need to see past it all and focus on what's really in front of me now.

Although this does not mean its not real, or not important; the truth is it is less important, and there are other things of real importance I have really in front of me.

(On a point of technicality: It is possible to "fix" my floaters...I can surgically replace the vitreous humour and risk more floaters, I can surgically remove both eyes containing the floaters and give up sight, I can request a lobotomy and forget altogether what floaters are!)

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david cunningham said...

good little read there jimmy,,,, the floaters are like the negatives in life that distract ones ability to move forward in a positive way,,,,,,,,, the negatives are always there unfortunately , just like your nasty floaters,,,,,,,but you got to see through the floaters to get through the shite ;)