Thursday, August 2, 2007

Time and Space

Consider the possibility of two random people being in the exact same space and time in the exact same instance. What would it mean if it happened to you?

A year ago on Sunday July 23, 2006, in a large room containing well over a thousand people, I decidedly sat down on a spot on the floor and abruptly find an individual sitting in the same spot in my lap. In that instance, two people who've never seen each other, from two different countries, and it was then, as it awkwardly as it may have occurred, I met the individual. There were some abrupt apologies, confused looks, and short introductions, all of which were followed by days of darting glares of confusion and uncertainty. In the end we each went our separate ways, and back to our respective homes and countries.

Roughly a year has passed, and on approximately the same day (Saturday July 21, 2007), at generally around the same time in the evening, close to the same spot in the exact-same room, the I met her once more. In that instance, the past was recalled and memories of our unusual greeting from one-year prior flashed through my mind, and our faces lit up with smiles.

A short week went by and we parted our ways again. I'm not sure what it all means, time and space, but I'm really enjoyed meeting her. I guess it was a good thing after all, being sat on.

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Rachel said...

aawww.someone special jimmy? lol.